Welcome to Beara nascence Inc.,

Beara Nascence Inc., founded in 2003 offers expert consulting, design and development services in electronic systems. Our skills portfolio includes hardware and microcontroller based systems, through DSP to desktop applications design.

Since our inception we have been actively involved in the development of high-performance embedded systems technologies for multiple clients. Our skills base encompasses 'bare-metal' embedded design in assembler/C/C++, the design of embedded systems hardware and the integration of Real-time Operating Systems to produce high quality, maintainable solutions.

The key to our ongoing success lies in our integrity, attention to detail and our adaptability. We work with our clients to understand their requirements and provide detailed feedback, allowing us to develop a common understanding of the desired solution. From this point we work closely throughout development to ensure the results of our technical effort align with this shared vision, meeting and exceeding client expectations. Recognizing that in many cases perceived needs evolve as a solution is elaborated, we foster a relationship with our clients that allows us to leverage our technical expertise and their domain expertise to craft outstanding solutions.

We have successfully delivered solutions for client across multiple and diverse industries including high-performance battery control, autonomous Solar PV lighting airfield lighting, Firewire (IEEE-1394) audio streaming, DJ remixing controller development, audio product DSP firmware development, ultra low-power radio RFID, USB2.0 HID and MSD device development, embedded radio spectrum capture and Software-defined Radio systems.

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently innovate and deliver, leveraging our core technology skills across multiple domains.

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