Embedded Systems Development

Embedded systems development integrates multiple skill sets. A thorough understanding of hardware, software, contemporary design techniques and available platforms allows designs to be partitioned effectively between firmware and hardware.

Over many projects our skills in developing requirements, understanding the design problem and finding effective solutions have been honed.
Solar runway edge lightSolar-powered runway edge lighting. This project developed the electronics package for a custom-designed runway edge light utilizing high-power LEDs to realize a 125Cd (Cat-I IFR) capable runway edge light. Utilizing a Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller, a sophisticated power-point tracking charge controller was integrated into this platform increasing the efficiency of energy capture. The design involved both digital components and the efficient design of DC-DC converters for both charging and LED output control. The complete system integrated a radio module to allow sophisticated remote control. We were also responsible for dealing with EMC/ESD compliance issues on the final assembled unit.
PCBABeara Nascence worked with a multi-company team in the development of a DJ product utilizing firewire technology to deliver both high-quality audio I/O and sophisticated real-time control capabilities for desktop/laptop music applications. We were involved in the development of unit firmware (ARM7/C++) and microcontroller firmware (Atmel AVR/C/C++) as well as Windows and OSX application development utilizing Firewire (IEEE 1394) software stacks for device control and firmware upgrading.  We were also responsible for hardware troubleshooting and as consultants during initial offshore manufacturing start-up.

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