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Software DesignWriting Custom application software requires a good understanding of client requirements, balanced against known capabilities of software/hardware platforms. Most applications we develop have a focussed purpose, to help a client solve a particular design challenge. We also undertake turnkey application development for new applications tailored to users requirements, and designed for maintainability into the future.

Kestrel TSCM Kestrel is a sophisticated radio site analysis suite for discovering and locating clandestine or unintended sources of radio signals. Integrating a clean workflow-centric graphical user interface with sophisticated signal processing capabilities, our client (PDTG) has realized a market-leading product. The system integrates with third-party programmable radio receivers, including the Signal Hound family to permit users to rapidly evaluate new environments. Beara (through our RFAnalytics brand) and PDTG continue to work together to enhance the capabilities of this groundbreaking product.
ILS MonitorILS Monitor is a radio monitoring application developed to allow full-time uninterrupted monitoring of airport Instrument Landing System signals. Utilizing a Signal Hound receiver and sophisticated Software Defined Radio monitoring techniques, the application provides the user with real-time and post-processing capabilities, alarm generation, error report generation and remote monitoring.

Firewire Firmware updaterA client required a custom application to upgrade firmware on and audio product over firewire. The application was required to run on both PC and Mac platforms. A cross-platform development framework was used to realize a UI that looked and operated identically on both PC and Mac platforms. Firewire support on both platforms was quite different, and involved the use of Apple libraries and, on the PC side, custom third-party driver interface software. To maximize portability a custom abstraction layer was developed hiding the platform dependencies in a small amount of code. The application has been updated several times since market release, allowing new detection and update capabilities and the incorporation of new firmware loads.


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