Digital Signal Processing
DSPDigital Signal Processing is key to many modern applications, ranging from motor control and audio processing through to sophisticated data modulation and demodulation schemes to array antenna control. We have the range of experience and background to provide effective solutions to your signal processing challenges.

Complex signal spectrumMuch work in DSP is concerned with baseband signals - such as audio. In many applications, sampled signals are not derived from baseband (ie. radio) and hence more sophisticated processing is required to handle the phase/quadrature complex number representation of these signals. We have developed expertise in this domain with software defined radio applications. We have experience in both complex spectral analysis and the development of processing components such as modulators/demodulators.


Signal Objects Deployment Architecture (SODA)The SODA Framework is a set of components developed by Beara Nascence Inc. to allow the rapid construction of sophisticated, dynamic signal processing structures. This framework is used as the basis for the development of high performance applications. In particular the framework removes the need for the designer to consider execution order and threading, abstracting these to allow efficient runtime execution on diverse platforms.