Firmware projects are diverse and cross many disciplines. They demand strong fundamental understanding of the building blocks of well designed systems. The key to effective firmware design is a broad understanding of the underlying system design issues and those arising from the use of a particular processor for a particular application.

PCBABeara Nascence worked with a multi-company team in the development of a DJ product utilizing firewire technology to deliver both high-quality audio I/O and sophisticated real-time control capabilities for desktop/laptop music applications. We were involved in the development of unit firmware (ARM7/C++) and microcontroller firmware (Atmel AVR/C/C++) as well as Windows and OSX application development utilizing Firewire (IEEE 1394) software stacks for device control and firmware upgrading.  We were also responsible for hardware troubleshooting and as consultants during initial offshore manufacturing start-up.
ILS MonitorILS Monitor is a radio monitoring application developed to allow full-time uninterrupted monitoring of airport Instrument Landing System signals. Utilizing a Signal Hound receiver and sophisticated Software Defined Radio monitoring techniques, the application provides the user with real-time and post-processing capabilities, alarm generation, error report generation and remote monitoring.
DSPDigital Signal Processing is key to many modern applications, ranging from motor control and audio processing through to sophisticated data modulation and demodulation schemes to array antenna control. We have the range of experience and background to provide effective solutions to your signal processing challenges.

Electrix RepeaterDon Goodeve was the technical lead responsible for the firmware for the behind the groundbreaking Electrix Repeater loop recorder product. Launched in 2001, this product is still in regular use by musicans the world over. The product incorporates innovations in system design that permit a Freescale 56367 DSP to deliver user control, file system management, high performance storage and a sophisticated DSP engine (providing time-stretch and pitch-shift) capabilities.

Since this product was bought to market, Beara Nascence has provided two firmware upgrades providing incremental improvements in control and signal processing.


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